Romeo and Juliet – The Castle Tour

Missing a bit of Shakespeare? American Drama Group Europe is giving a number of performances of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in Denmark, as part of their Castle Tour in 2023. They are associated with Art Education Network, and TNT BRITAIN, and perform English Theatre all over the world.

During summer they perform English theatre in castles or in gardens (open air) and this ambitious project links English speaking culture with the local historical heritage.

In Denmark, the group will visit:

Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen
Søstrup Slot, Grenå
Den gamle By, Aarhus
Brundlund Slot, Aabenraa

For more information, and for tickets, please see Romeo and Juliet – The Castle Tour tickets

American Drama Group Europe

Art Education Network

NZ kiwi hangi weekend 2023

Kiwi weekend 2023 18-20th august

It’s pretty much the same procedure as last year. 380kr per adult (over 16 y) gets you breakfast lunch and hangi on Saturday.

Bring your own meat for Friday BBQ ( if you’re coming Friday ) and there’ll be some salads for all. Breakfast Sunday before we all help clean up and head home.

Check out the website for the hut It’s a typical spejderhytte (scout hut) so there’s bunk rooms but also plenty of room for tents. You can register by paying into mobilepay box O88OYE. Write how many adults and kids. You can also just come for part of the weekend. Please let anyone who’s not a member know that they are also welcome. Spread the word to all kiwis living in DK!!!!

Taken from the Facebook event page

Deres hjemmeside har kørevejledning til Næsbycentret, ellers er adressen
Skelbyvej 126, 4171 Glumsø

If you prefer to avoid Facebook I send an email or two each year. You can join the kiwi weekend announcement email list.

Cheers, Duncan Lithgow

Ferns in the New Zealand forest

NZ hangi weekend 2022

Facebook group: NZ Vikings (Kiwis living in Denmark)

The annual Kiwi weekend for Kiwis and their families living in Denmark takes place August 12th-14th 2022 at Ravnsøhytten ( in beautiful Ry, close to Silkeborg, East Jutland.

It is the same procedure as last year:

We have lots of fun, everyone pitches in on practical stuff and looks after each other.
Friday: You arrive, pitch up a tent or set yourself up in the dormitory, put your meat on the BBQ, open a beer, and meet up with everyone.

Saturday: Hang-out, Hangi preparation, Cakes tasting, fun’n’games, Hangi and a sing-a-long.

Sunday – Sleep in, wind down, pack up and head off.


What does it cost: 300 Kroner for adults and Kids 16 and older. Younger kids are free. You can mobile pay to the number: “4907CK”. Add text when you transfer with info on number of adults and kids.

(It is 300 regardless of when you show up and leave)

Can I come? Yes, Its for Kiwis and their families living in or visiting DK. its a great opportunity to meet up with old friends and meet new folks.

Where to sleep: There are two rooms with bunk-beds which are reserved for families with young children. Please contact Katie Leabourn if you want to reserve a room. There is a large dormitory that can fit 30, however, you have to bring your own air mattress or similar. There is a large area for camping with room for tents and the like.

What to bring: Bring your own meat for the BBQ on Friday. We will make sure there is bread, salad and tomato sauce. Bring you own booze and soft drinks. There will be breakfast and lunch provided on Saturday and Sunday. All the meat and veggies for the Hangi will also be sorted by us (the planning committee).

There is lots of space for outdoor activities, so bring a rugby ball, cricket gear, frisbees, and hacky-sacks.

There is a long-standing tradition of sing-a-longs and jam sessions so bring your favorite instrument.

If you have a great cake recipe, please bring a cake or two.

How do I get there: Follow your GPS to Hyllingvej 16, 8680 Ry, Danmark.

You can take a train to Skanderborg, however, you will need someone to pick you up at the train station.

What can I do at the venue:
There are canoes available.
There is a forest for playing, running, hiking or biking.
See more at the website:
How far is it to the nearest town? Its a 15-20 minute drive to the nearest shop.
Look forwards to seeing you all!

Lots of love
Katie, Torben, Tanja, Sharne, Rikke and Thomas

NZ hangi weekend 2021 – cancelled

Well, 2020 was a it of a bummer, ehh. Let’s try again in 2021

Let’s try again to meet up in Ry, deep into the darkest forests of Jylland for the kiwi hangi weekend 2020 2021!

Kiwi Weekend 2020

13. aug. 2021 kl. 15.00 – 15. aug. 2021 kl. 14.00
13th August (from 3pm) to 15th August (out by 2pm)
Hyllingvej, 8680 Ry, Danmark

Fabulous location in among the trees, lakes and Jutlands best hangi pit! Free use of canoes so bring your togs!

Here is the Facebook Event page if you like that kind of thing.

NZ hangi weekend 2020 – Cancelled

Sorry mate, it been cancelled this year becasue of the corona virus. Check out the post on our NZ hangi weekend 2021.

Thanks for 2019 in let’s meet up in Ry, deep into the darkest forests of Jylland for the kiwi hangi weekend 2020!

Kiwi Weekend 2020
14 -16th August
Hyllingvej, 8680 Ry, Danmark

Fabulous location in amongst trees, lakes and Jutlands best hangi pit! Canoes Free use of canoes so bring your togs.

Facebook Event Page

Willies 2019 video on Youtube

NZ hangi weekend 2019

2018 was a blast as usual – thanks to the organisers, and everyone who came for chipping in to make a great weekend.

The weekend of the 16th-18th of August, just outside Næstved, Sydsjælland, is 2019’s hangi weekend. Keep up to date in the Kiwi Weekend Facebook group . There’s also a public NZ Kiwi Weekend 2019 Facebook Event you can check out. If you want to get email announcements with details about the upcoming weekend send an email to and I’ll add you to the email list.

Friday: BYO meat etc for the bbq, we’ll provide the salads.

Saturday : Breakfast will be provided and lunch will be a continental array of “Breads & spreads”. Dinner will be hangi cooked meats and vegetables, beer for dessert, or, or what about, feel free to bake your favorite cake to share and get immediate likes, smiles, high 5s or groans- ‘I shouldn’t be eating cake, but yours looked amazing!’

Sunday: Breakfast will be provided before we all clean up and return to our homebases..

The address is ‘Klintehytten‘, Strandbakken 145, Klinteby, 4700 Næstved (arrive from 4pm onwards Friday)

And here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for…. Payment details for this years Kiwi Weekend!!

For everyone over 18 the price is 300,- dkk (or over 16, if you eat like an adult!) everyone else is gratis. Paid to either bank- 1671 0001543431 or mobilepay Lone on 28 93 13 19. Important: include names of everyone paying and how many kids are coming (for planning purposes).


Now it’s easier to swap your NZ drivers license for a danish one

The New Zealand Embasy in the Hague write

We have good news for New Zealanders in Denmark! From today New Zealand has been accepted as a “group two” country, meaning that Kiwis in Denmark can exchange their New Zealand driver licences for Danish ones.

More information (in Danish) is available on the website of the Danish Road Safety Agency.

Here’s the link to the Danish Road Safety Agency ( Færdselsstyrelsen) press release


NZ hangi weekend 2018

17th – 19th August, Fønsborg on Fynen is this years hangi weekend. Keep up to date in the Kiwi Weekend Facebook group . If you want to get email announcements with details about the upcoming weekend send an email to and we’ll add you to the email list.

If you just want to know where to send the dosh it’s to the hangi-account

REG. 5370
ACCOUNT 0534878

If you bring kids, please type in the age of your kids when you pay. The cost is 300 DKK for adults 18+. Under 18 kids are free. Costs include food – bring your own drinks 🙂