NZ hangi weekend 2022

Facebook group: NZ Vikings (Kiwis living in Denmark)

The annual Kiwi weekend for Kiwis and their families living in Denmark takes place August 12th-14th 2022 at Ravnsøhytten ( in beautiful Ry, close to Silkeborg, East Jutland.

It is the same procedure as last year:

We have lots of fun, everyone pitches in on practical stuff and looks after each other.
Friday: You arrive, pitch up a tent or set yourself up in the dormitory, put your meat on the BBQ, open a beer, and meet up with everyone.

Saturday: Hang-out, Hangi preparation, Cakes tasting, fun’n’games, Hangi and a sing-a-long.

Sunday – Sleep in, wind down, pack up and head off.


What does it cost: 300 Kroner for adults and Kids 16 and older. Younger kids are free. You can mobile pay to the number: “4907CK”. Add text when you transfer with info on number of adults and kids.

(It is 300 regardless of when you show up and leave)

Can I come? Yes, Its for Kiwis and their families living in or visiting DK. its a great opportunity to meet up with old friends and meet new folks.

Where to sleep: There are two rooms with bunk-beds which are reserved for families with young children. Please contact Katie Leabourn if you want to reserve a room. There is a large dormitory that can fit 30, however, you have to bring your own air mattress or similar. There is a large area for camping with room for tents and the like.

What to bring: Bring your own meat for the BBQ on Friday. We will make sure there is bread, salad and tomato sauce. Bring you own booze and soft drinks. There will be breakfast and lunch provided on Saturday and Sunday. All the meat and veggies for the Hangi will also be sorted by us (the planning committee).

There is lots of space for outdoor activities, so bring a rugby ball, cricket gear, frisbees, and hacky-sacks.

There is a long-standing tradition of sing-a-longs and jam sessions so bring your favorite instrument.

If you have a great cake recipe, please bring a cake or two.

How do I get there: Follow your GPS to Hyllingvej 16, 8680 Ry, Danmark.

You can take a train to Skanderborg, however, you will need someone to pick you up at the train station.

What can I do at the venue:
There are canoes available.
There is a forest for playing, running, hiking or biking.
See more at the website:
How far is it to the nearest town? Its a 15-20 minute drive to the nearest shop.
Look forwards to seeing you all!

Lots of love
Katie, Torben, Tanja, Sharne, Rikke and Thomas